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Quote of the Week --
"Human Dignity is like God, or the perfect blowjob -- it's always some guy talking about how it happened to a friend of his; it never actually happens to you."
-- Some Guy


The Photoshop Freaks at Something Awful are stickin' it to "The Painter of Light" this week. Here's a sample of their "work":

-- Enjoy
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Now, we're getting somewhere...
"The Archdiocese of Milwaukee must answer in a California court for transferring a molesting priest to Orange County, where he was accused of molesting again."
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Ann Coulter, the Blond, Bomb-thrower targets Wesley Clark. Usually, you can count on Ms. Coulter to crack open someone's argument to see what's inside. This time, she doesn't need to, she just lets the quotes speak for themselves:
"On "Meet the Press" back in November, Clark described intelligence as "a sort of gray goo as you look at it. You can't see through it, exactly, and if you try to touch it, it gets real sticky and you might actually interfere with the information that you're getting back. So you have to draw inferences from it."
This is probably the worst explanation of observational interference I've ever read. But back to Ms. Coulter, she can't let a column be published without at least one, shot-gun blast at liberals affection for clairvoyance:
"Liberals scoff at a system to shoot down incoming missiles, but believe that all random suicide bombers can be located and stopped before they strike. Hitting a bullet with a bullet just isn't feasible, so let's concentrate on something doable like predicting the future."
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Drudge Reports that Wesley Clark has been following the Bill Clinton school of firm conviction ("I feel very strongly about what I feel very strongly about, for as long as I feel very strongly about it.") in discussing the war in Iraq:
"There's no question that Saddam Hussein is a threat... Yes, he has chemical and biological weapons. He's had those for a long time. But the United States right now is on a very much different defensive posture than we were before September 11th of 2001... He is, as far as we know, actively pursuing nuclear capabilities, though he doesn't have nuclear warheads yet. If he were to acquire nuclear weapons, I think our friends in the region would face greatly increased risks as would we...And, I want to underscore that I think the United States should not categorize this action as preemptive. Preemptive and that doctrine has nothing whatsoever to do with this problem. As Richard Perle so eloquently pointed out, this is a problem that's longstanding. It's been a decade in the making. It needs to be dealt with and the clock is ticking on this."
-- Testimony given two weeks prior to the passage of the congressional resolution regarding the war in Iraq

"President Bush and Tony Blair should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt...Can anything be more moving than the joyous throngs swarming the streets of Baghdad? Memories of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the defeat of Milosevic in Belgrade flood back. Statues and images of Saddam are smashed and defiled."
-- Clark editorial in the London Times, April 10, 2003

"I've been very consistent... I've been against this war from the beginning...I was against it last summer, I was against it in the fall, I was against it in the winter, I was against it in the spring. And I'm against it now."
-- Speech given by Wesley Clark in Detroit on October 26
-- Obviously, necessity is the mother of invention

Chris Muir Summarizes

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Blessed Lileks, who because of his writings about gnat, my wife swears is spying on us, writes about his yearning for the return of the manned space program. In doing so, he notes a common objection to this:
"Yes, I know – cheap robots do the job just as well, and sometimes better."
Such an objection, and I'm not suggesting Lileks agrees with it, is truly an impoverished idea. Humanity is not defined by economic parsimony, nor is it defined by mechanical precision. Indeed, it is when men embrace this horrifyingly limited and exclusionary view of humanity that atrocity occurrs. In doing so, we become monsters, committing monstrous acts in the name of a hellish and demanding efficiency. Humanity is better defined by our true ambitions, rather than our minimal necessities.

I've sometimes heard of "The Economy of God." But in God's economy, excess is the norm: overwhelming beauty, abundant pleasure, perfect love, overflowing joy. Only such a God can create something like the ocean. And only He can create something like a man, to sail upon it. Spare us the minimal efficiencies. They belong to the economy of hell.
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Victor Lams of et cetera lets fly on the worst generation:
"...the Boomers will probably get exactly what they deserve: the abandonment and resentment they heaped upon my generation. I just hope our kids aren't watching when we leave the Boomers out on the ice floe to die."
Mr. Lams' reaction is based on a bcentral column by Joanna Krotz, yet another damned, boomer marketeer. Ms. Krotz vastly underestimates the sheer hatred, scorn, loathing, and contempt the subsequent generations feel for boomers. Then again, it's her column's goal to reconcile the different "management styles" (Ohhh, hate, hate, hate!) between Boomers and X'ers. Before asking yourself, "Geez, are they really that clueless?", remember: We're talking about a generation of people who have shoved their collective head so far up their collective ass in a fit of masturbatory self-involvement, that they will never see daylight again.
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Thomas Walkom writes an hysterically funny column, satirizing the petulance, paranoia and sheer pissyness of the anti-war left.
-- It is satire, isn't it?
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Drudge Reports On several has-beens unable to regard the concepts of "critical thinking" and "funny" on the same night.
-- For that matter, Margaret Cho hasn't been funny since she started hanging out with Sandra Bernhardt about seven years ago. Well, you Lie down with dogs...
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Washington Post Notes that unlike Kadaffi, Li'l Kim Jong-Il has difficulty with lessons.
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The NY Times once again demonstrates its inability to distinguish between rights and liberties. Oh, and their writing sucks too.
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"Now I have lost two sons without understanding why."
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I just got a postcard from Howard the Duck

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Thanks to Frank J of IMAO (Unfair, Unbalanced, Unmedicated) for the following about Maureen Dowd:
"She’s like the Ed Wood of columnists."
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Barely edging out Michael Moore Rachael Corrie has won the coveted Robert Fisk award for "Idiotarian-Of-The-Year, 2003"
-- Unlike many others, I will tastefully refrain from 'pancake' jokes.
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Sometimes, people are amazing.
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I Love this Headline:
"Americans in Rio Get Fingerprinted, Gifts"
-- They didn't say anthing about a "Filthy Sanchez"
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Paul Krugman gleefully pleasures himself in public:
"[Will] this the eyes of those who think that anyone who criticizes the tax cuts is a wild-eyed leftist..."
-- No, Mr. Krugman, we don't think criticizing the tax cut makes you a "wild-eyed leftist." We think that touching yourself every time you hear someone reading Marx aloud makes you a wild-eyed leftist.
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Ok, Canada. You can come back in the house.
-- But you're still sleepin' on the couch
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Michael Medved tells the embarassing truth about Viggo Mortensen's appearance at an International Answer rally:
"In the midst of speakers defending Palestinian terrorists, Cuba's Castro regime and the saber-rattling North Korean government, Mortensen read an interminable original poem about exploding bombs, burning flesh, flattened huts and American guilt. No one who witnessed this embarrassing and befuddled performance could put it entirely out of mind..."
-- The sad fact is, in terms of career life, Mr. Mortensen has all the staying power of a whelk in a supernova. Sean Penn can get away with being a posturing dumbass because he's still one of the best actors around. Mortensen has just eliminated any hope of brand loyalty.
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Showing an astonishing lack of self-perception, not to mention self-preservation, MoDo poses the question:
"Is there anything more annoying than argyle?"
-- Well, yes there is Ms. Dowd. There's this. By the way, that picture is so 80's. How 'bout one taken this century?
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NY Times Reports on Rampant Drug Use in Gay Bathhouses

-- Anticipating tomorrow's report revealing that friends of Dean Martin suspect he is an alcoholic. Also, Is there trouble in paradise for Monroe/DiMaggio marriage?
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Supremes Decline Review of Terror Suspects Detention
"The justices let stand a ruling by a federal appeals court, which concluded last June that the Justice Department was within its rights when it refused to release the names of more than 700 people, most of them Arabs or Muslims, arrested for immigration violations in connection with the attacks."
-- Oh, look. They got one right.
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